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Whether planning on marriage or simply wanting to explore growth in the couple relationship, research demonstrates that couples who begin to develop their relationship growth prior to commitment find that this transition time can provide them greater awareness and the development of tools needed in a growing relationship. Couples who engage in relationship growth have a stronger and more lasting foundation for a lasting relationship. Research shows that couples who engage in relationship growth have a better success rate in continuing that relationship.
Rather than using a predetermined plan or book for premarital educational growth suggested by a by a pastor or other facilitator, this transition time helps couples develop a personalized plan for growth that is best suited for their unique relationship.

In order to do this, several inventories and exercises are used to gather relationship information that, in turn, will clarify for couples what areas of relationship growth is important and relevant to each unique couple. These "Core Resources for Growth" are listed below.
 1.  Transition Covenant - Provides an overview of the process
 2.  FOCCUS Inventory - Provides individual and couple information regarding 19 areas of relationship growth
 3.  Ideal Marriage Mate - Helps each to clarify why each is the ideal mate
 4.  Family of Origin - Explores influences of family & past relationships
 5.  When Families Marry - Promotes growth in 5 areas of content exercises
 6.  Marital Intimacy Checkup - Explores 12 different areas of intimacy
 7.  Needs/Wants/Desires - Explores priorities of each person in the relationship
 8.  Couple's Assessment of Growth - Enables each couple to assess areas for growth
 9.  Our Plan for Growth - Compiles all the information into a personal plan
10. Ten Year Plan - Encourages couples to develop future plans
11. Faith Maturity Inventory - Provides relationship assessment of self/others/God
For those couples who have already decided they want to get married, we use the couple's "Our Plan for Growth." The Transition Facilitator guides each couple's plan by providing resources and exercises that will promote their relationship growth in the areas identified by them and the facilitator. With the couple's permission, some of the information can be shared with the officiating person of their wedding providing a personal relationship growth connection with their own person who is conducting the ceremony.

This process helps couples connect as they grow in their relationship with each other.

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