I have a passion for assisting people through major transitions in life. The whole effort of Triumphant Transitions reflects the various life transitions I have experienced personally and I want to facilitate others through these same transitions in a positive way. These transitions can be a triumphant journey.

Hodding Carter says, "There are two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One is roots; the other, wings." The process of transitions both in Divorce/Break-Up Recovery and in Couples Connecting seeks to enable people to find deeper roots in relationships and wings for these transition journeys.

As is true in every life, my life reflects all kinds of transitions. Professionally, I've been a minister for almost 50 years and currently serve as the Family Relationships Pastor at the Woods Chapel United Methodist Church in Lee's Summit, Missouri. When I retired from a 22+ year ministry as Senior Pastor of the First Christian Church in Blue Springs, Missouri, I spent two full months researching and discovering two of the best programs for support for individuals and families experiencing either divorce or the break-up of relationships.

The two primary focus points of Triumphant Transitions are (1) Connecting Couples which helps couples explore and engage in a growing relationship prior to marriage or a committed relationship; and, (2) Divorce/Break-Up Recovery which helps individuals and families move beyond divorce/break-up. The support and process for growth in either area have similarities with each other. You can explore the two approaches in more detail by clicking on the appropriate tab at the top of the website.


Bachelor of Science in Religion and Sociology, Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry

- Completed Doctorate with a major research project centered around equipping families to be nurturing centers for personal and
    family growth regardless of family configuration
- Work with the F.O.C.I.S. (Focus on Children in Separation) program, a Jackson County Court mandated educational service for
    all families in which the parents have filed for divorce for almost 15 years
- Trained with Dr. Bruce Fisher, author of Rebuilding. Trained to provide care and support to persons whose relationships have
    ended either through divorce or death
- Past court approved Mediator for domestic relations
- Trainer for Marriage Enrichment Retreats and Seminars
- Trained by Dr. Bruce Fisher and Nina Hart, authors of Reconnecting, a process of marriage growth and nurture
- Trainer for Family Cluster and Intergenerational Education
- Training for helping people deal constructively with conflict
- Personally went through a divorce in 1983
- Remarried in 1995 and taught marriage preparation classes with a renewed and retooled understanding and passion for family,
     blended families, marriage, and divorce break-up support for persons
- Stephen Minister and BeFriender Minister Trainer and Teacher
- Facilitated Parenting and Step-Parenting Classes
- Over forty years of pre-marital education work with couples
- Researching additional pre-marital and marriage interactive and couple-driven relationship enhancing resource materials
- Licensed Provider for TransParenting and RollerCoasters
- Approved provider and trainer for Divorce/Breakup Recovery support materials providing Divorce/Break-Up Recovery
    1 (Endings), Divorce/Break-up Recovery 2 (Self Awareness and Healing), Divorce/Break-Up Recovery 3 (New Beginnings)
    and Children and Families of Divorce (for parents and children)

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Leaders & Facilitators
Divorce/Break-Up Recovery leaders are professionals and lay people with high school, technical, and graduate degrees and students working on undergraduate degrees. Many of the leaders have participated in a Divorce Recovery group and want to give back in some way to others who are experiencing divorce. Others have never been married, but have experienced divorce as a child and feel called to serve children of divorce. Some of the leaders have been married for forty years and others for two years. Some are young students and others are in their elder years.

None of these leaders provide counseling or therapy. The groups are educational and provide valid and reliable information that can be helpful in the recovery process. Although no therapy takes place, this support can be very therapeutic. All facilitators are volunteers and understand the difficult transitions leading to recovery and each has experienced change and loss.

The facilitators go through a 16-20 hour training focusing on understanding the divorce/break-up process and the recovery process needed during and after a divorce or break-up. Facilitators also receive supervision.

Who Can Attend? All Divorce/Break-Up Recovery groups are offered to anyone.

What Is The Cost? We realize that finances affect a significant percentage of people going through divorce and break-up. Because of that reality, Divorce/Break-Up Recovery 1 is offered at no charge (although donations are accepted). All other Divorce/Break-Up Recovery classes have a nominal charge. Contact us if you need assistance in paying. Regardless of one's financial situation, the support groups are open to everyone.

Where Are Meetings Held? We provide a variety of locations to make it more convenient for attendance. See Registration or call for current locations and available support groups.

What About My Children? Although not guaranteed for every group session, attempts will be made to provide child care if needed. We attempt to provide quality child care without cost if possible for at least Divorce/Break-Up Recovery I and for other groups when needed and when possible. Pre-registration is required when child care is offered.
Who Can Attend? Any couple considering deeper commitment or those who have decided they want to get married and/or those who want to grow their relationship and build a committed relationship or marriage are invited to participate.

What Is the Cost? The cost for the materials is $25.00 which covers the cost of taking, scoring and receiving the results of the inventory. The cost for the relationship growth process facilitating process is $135.00. As is true with all resources of Triumphant Transitions, couples can discuss their own financial situation with the facilitator. No one is refused help because of cost.

What is the number of meetings/sessions required? Because each couple is uniquely different, the number is determined by the couple and facilitator after the initial information is received regarding relationship areas for growth.

What Do I Do to Start the Process? Call or email us.

Contact: Dr. Don E. Canfield